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Monday, 12 November

Welcome Reception
Networking Session


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Tuesday, 13 November

Networking Breakfast
Welcome Remarks


Lourdes Leon, President, Florida Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association, Inc.,

Lenny Feldman, Chairman, FCBF Conference of the Americas

Barbara Pimentel, Executive Vice President, Florida Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association, Inc.

Plenary 1:
Intermodal Innovation – Connecting Ports, Rail & Highway Through the Last Mile


As ports and terminals evolve through automation so too are the truck and rail systems essential to transport cargo to ultimate destination. Intermodal executives discuss the critical advances to increase efficiencies from the point of cargo arrival through delivery.

Moderator: John Abisch, Regional CEO—USA, Caribbean and Central America, ECU Worldwide


Nathan Asplund, CEO, Florida East Coast Railway, for Grupo Mexico Transportes 

David Anderton, Assistant Port Director, Port Everglades

Emir Pineda, Manager, Aviation Trade & Logistics. Marketing Division, Miami Dade Aviation Department

Plenary 2:
Reciprocal Trade & Facilitation –Trading Partners Embracing or Eluding Technology?


The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and the renegotiation of trade agreements provide opportunities for more reciprocal global trade. However, divergent levels of technology still exist amongst trading partners. How are trade accords encouraging increased automation in areas including document filing, data dissemination and cargo release; what changes can traders expect in the future?

Moderator: Francisco “Frank” Santeiro, Managing Director, Government Affairs, FedEx Express Latin America & Caribbean Division


Mario Palacios, Global Director, Intel Corp.

Amy Strauss, Trade Policy Director, Office of Policy, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Kanika Y. Tomlinson, Legal Counsel, Trade Board Limited, Jamaica

Jaime King Cancino, Director General, Servicios Aduanales y Logisticos, Mexico

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Executive Networking
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Executive Networking & Coffee Break
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Breakout 1A & 2A
Cybersecurity – Insuring Your Losses Before Big Brother Takes Aim

2:00pm & 2:55pm

As IT systems increasingly are tricked into deviating from secure procedures, companies need to consider cybersecurity and how to protect against such dangers. Experts discuss issues including physical access to hardware, protecting against harmful networks, data and code injection as well as malpractice by operators, whether intentional or accidental.

Moderator: Fany Flores-Pastor, Director, R&D Compliance Systems, Descartes Systems Group.


Sergio Laos, Vice President, Roanoke Trade

Anthony Pelli, Supply Chain Risk Consultant, bsi Group

Christy Coffey, EVP Operations, Maritime and Port Security Information Sharing and Analysis Organization, MPS-ISAO

Breakout 1B & 2B
Cold Chain Innovation – Low Temps & High Stakes for Pharma & Perishables

2:00pm & 2:55pm

More healthcare and food products than ever are temperature-sensitive, needing careful protection. Industry leaders address innovations in packaging, transportation and delivery that are revolutionizing trade, increasing efficiencies and lowering costs throughout the chain.

Moderator: Leandro Moreira, Director Life Sciences, Brinks Global Services


Tom Grubb, Global Head, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, American Airlines

Gary M. Hutchinson, President. Modality Solutions

Breakout 1C & 3A:
Cargo Admissibility – Aligning Automation and Policy to Meet Commercial Realities

2:00pm & 4:00pm

Numerous government agencies touching trade increasingly are interfacing with filers by new single window systems. How have these agencies adjusted their policies consistent with new data requirements for cargo release? What can filers and traders do to ensure proper data flow in this changing environment?

Moderator: Federico “Kiko” Zuñiga, Executive Director, NEI, NCBFFA


Susie Hoeger, Director, Global Trade & Compliance, Abbott Laboratories

John Verbeten, Director, Division of Import Operations, Office of Enforcement & Import Operations, FDA

Guillermo Gonzalez, General Manager, Worldlink and Past President, FITAC (i)

Breakout 1D & 3B:
Freight Disruptors - Booking, Tracking & redirecting Cargo All with One Click

2:00pm & 4:00pm

Logistics is only as successful as the information generated throughout the transportation process. From comparing routes and rates, gathering shipping information, collecting and generating necessary documentation, sharing data, tracking routes and scheduling delivery, these innovators discuss how their companies are disrupting the logistics industry

Moderator: Matthieu Merchadou Melki, Founder, Noos Labs


Carlos Hernandez, Co-Founder, Icontainers

Alfredo Keri, Founder, Cargo 42

Bill Bowman, Marketing Manager, Magaya

Executive Networking & Coffee Break
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Breakout 2C & 3C:
Revenue Modernization – From Cash to Credit to Bitcoin

2:55pm & 4:00pm

Numerous customs administrations continue to find ways to consolidate, automate, and streamline fragmented and manual revenue collections processes. Experts discuss what agencies are, and should be, doing to automate the revenue process allowing officers to spend less time collecting payments and more time on operations, to include customer interfacing and enforcement.

Moderator: Cindy Allen, VP Regulatory Affairs and Compliance, FedEx Trade Networks


Celeste Catano, Global Product Manager, Blujay Solutions

Brian Glick, Founder & CEO,

Breakout 2D & 3D:
Warehouse & Fulfillment in a High Tech World – How is E-Commerce Changing the Equation?

2:55pm & 4:00pm

Due to the growth of internet purchases and shipments of small parcels containing freight of all kinds, warehouses and fulfillment operations are facing new challenges as well as opportunities to receive, store and deliver cargo. How can such facilities best adapt to the new commercial model and what systems can assure a seamless transition?

Moderator: Nabil Malouli, Vice President, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation


Adolfo Rudeke, General Manager, National Freight Service, D.R.

Javier Munoz, Global Trade Compliance Manager, PriceSmart

Networking - Exhibitor Hall Floor
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Conference Dinner
Plenary Room


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Wednesday, 14 November

Networking Breakfast
Welcome Remarks


Lourdes Leon, President, Florida Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association, Inc.,

Lenny Feldman, Chairman, FCBF Conference of the Americas

Barbara Pimentel, Executive Vice President, Florida Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association, Inc

Plenary 3:
Handling Cargo in a Virtual World – Incorporating Technology to Enhance Brokerage & Forwarding Operations


Customs brokers and forwarders throughout the Americas discuss how they leverage automation to best serve their customer’s needs and ensure compliance with Government import and export requirements. Topics include data collection and validation, filing and interface with government agencies, payment of duties and fees as well as recordkeeping.

Moderator: Amy Magnus, Director of Customs Affairs & Compliance, A.N. Deringer & President, NCBFAA


Kim Campbell, Past Chair, Canadian Society of Customs Brokers

Vince Iacopella, EVP Growth & Strategy, Alba Wheels Up International

Lisa Gelsomino, President/CEO, Avalon Risk
Pam Brown, Vice President, Future Forwarding Company

Stan Vick, Customs Compliance, Regional Vice President, Kuehne + Nagel

Plenary 4:
Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programs of the Americas – Maximizing Technology, Automation & Innovation to Increase Compliance


Customs AEO program leaders from the Americas compare their experiences in creating and executing policies and strategies to modernize their partnership programs to enhance their relationship with the trading community.  The Customs executives will share top facilitation, enforcement and security priorities.

Moderator: Fermin Cuza, International President, World BASC Organization (C)


Werner Florencio Ovalle Ramirez, Intendente de Aduanas  GUATEMALA

Ramon (Ray) Fernandez, Vice President/ Global Sales Director, Sealock Security Systems, Inc.

Exhibitors Hall Opens


(Exhibit Hall)


From Automation to Transformation – CBP’s Life After ACE


CBP shares priorities now that core ACE is implemented and transformation efforts prevail.  CBP’s initiatives to approach topics such as anti-dumping/countervailing duties, trade agreements, forced labor, intellectual property and drawback in an innovative manner highlight the discussion.


James (Jim) Byram, Acting Executive Director, Trade Transformation, Office of Trade, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security

Executive Networking & Coffee Break
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Breakout 4A & 5A:
Export Determinations, Licensing & Tracking – Leveraging Automation in the Public and Private Sector

2:15pm & 3:10pm

In recent years Government export control agencies have enhanced the licensing process through technological enhancements. As a result, exporters have embraced improvements to streamline their internal controls. How can companies ensure they are taking advantage of these developments while not forsaking fundamental compliance requirements?

Moderator: James Anzalone, President, Compliance Assurance LLC


Carlos Espindola, Director, Espindola Intl. Consultants

Tracy A. Jursz, International Trade Compliance, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Breakout 4B & 5B
Antidumping & Countervailing Duties – How Enforcement is Driving Innovation & Compliance

2:15pm & 3:10pm

As trade remedy enforcement is peaking so are Government efforts to enhance transparency regarding trade remedy investigations, orders, scope and the like. Panelists discuss the tools available on-line and through internal systems to comply with ADD/CVD matters and avoid unintentional evasion.

Moderator:  David P. Sanders, Partner, Cassidy Levy Kent (USA) LLP


Juan David Barbosa, International Trade Practice, Posse Herrera Ruiz

Myra Reynolds, Director, Corporate Import Compliance, John S. James

Raymond Irizarry, Supervisory International Trade Analyst, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Breakout 4C & 5C:
Export Screening – Finding the Right Solution that Fits Your Company’s Needs

2:15pm & 3:10pm

Avoiding transactions with thousands of denied parties and entities across the world continues to pose compliance challenges to exporters and forwarders alike. What solutions provide the assurances your company needs to avoid illegal transactions, but at a cost within your budget?

Moderator:   Brandon Fried, Executive Director, Airforwarders 


Vera Adams, Director, Aviation Division, TSA

Jan Fields, Director, Risk Management, John S. James

Donna Mullins, President, Mullins International Solutions

Breakout 4D & 5D:
Sustaining Import Compliance – Visibility through Automation

2:15pm & 3:10pm

With unprecedented access to data and information, importers and brokers can streamline processes, maximize resources and reduce costs related to compliance. Panelists discuss how companies can enhance coordination among multiple individuals across different regions and organizations by heightened analytics and deep learning among other techniques.

Moderator: Scott Case, Founder and Chief Storyteller, Position: Global 


Kate Weiner, North America Customs Manager, Cargill

Carlos Serrano, Customs & Trade Compliance Manager, UPS Supply Chain Solutions

Jodi Weisman, Sr. Manager of Global Logistics & Trade Compliance, Intradeco

Executive Networking & Coffee Break
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Closing Remarks
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Lourdes Leon, President, Florida Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association, Inc.,

Lenny Feldman, Chairman, FCBF Conference of the Americas

Barbara Pimentel, Executive Vice President, Florida Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association, Inc.